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Moderno EB-5 Investment

Moderno EB-5 Investment




Specializing in the installation of high-quality porcelain surfaces for residential and commercial markets, Moderno Porcelain Works sources all material from world-renowned suppliers. Porcelain’s strength and ability to resist stains and water damage make it an ideal choice for a variety of surfacing applications such as kitchen countertops, shower walls, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, and more. Moderno’s proven business model merges impeccable quality and robust returns, employing expert craftsmen who create unmatched beauty with faster turnaround times at a reduced cost for both customers and inventors.


Radically improving the surfacing industry through the installation of unique porcelain surfaces has been a journey decades in the making. Recently, the perfect group was assembled, consisting of the world’s top surfacing executives. This includes Roberto Contreras, the former CEO of Cosentino North America, the largest stone countertop distribution company on the continent, along with Douglas Dillard, who was previously CFO of Cosentino. Also crucial to Moderno’s leadership team is Armin Deutsch, formerly of Home Depot where his direct team managed billions of dollars in materials purchasing, while COO of Moderno Mike Heylmun was a pioneer who played a significant role in introducing quartz surfacing to North American Market. Additionally, Chief Product Officer Benjamin Szell has utilized over 30 years of expertise to develop Moderno’s groundbreaking tools and techniques for large format porcelain slabs. The arrangement of this executive team ensures Moderno Porcelain Works is fully equipped to permanently transform the surfacing industry for businesses and homeowners across the nation.


The lavish showroom at Moderno Porcelain Works is truly a sight to behold. Customers are able to see and touch every design available, inspecting real completed examples before making their final selections.


Due to Moderno’s meticulous process of thoroughly training installation teams, each warehouse has constructed a state-of-the-art training setup used to simulate onsite installation. This guarantees the craftsmen will have mastered our proprietary tools and techniques before stepping foot in the field.


Moderno warehouses feature a cutting-edge fabrication facility, trucks, trailers, training stations, and full inventory, all used to implement our same-day installation concept with maximum efficiency.


Behind every successful large-scale enterprise is a corporate office contributing to daily operations. Moderno facilities are built with sufficient office space for a complete staff of administrators.


The next step for expanding the global reach of Moderno Porcelain Works is to create a HUB in Dallas, TX. Only 3 investment spots are available for this HUB. Dallas currently ranks #1 in the U.S for most new home starts, making the area a prime target for business. The minimum EB-5 investment in the limited partnership is $900,000.