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Better future for my familyWork in the U.S.For my children's educationFor my educationOther

With an EB-5 visa, the principal investor, their spouse and all unmarried children under the age of 21 are able to receive green cards and accompany the investor to the U.S.

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No, it is just meYes, I have a spouse and childrenYes, I have a spouseYes, I have children

An EB- visa is an investment visa that requires a $900,000 USD investment. This investment amount can also be obtained by receiving a gift in the amount stated above from a family member or friend.

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One of the essential components of the EB-5 Visa petition is proving where the $900,000 USD investment was sourced.

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CashSalaryLoanMortgageReal Estate LiquidationBusiness LiquidationEquity/Investment LiquidationGiftInheritanceOther

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