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The first step in the EB5 visa program is to contact us and fill out the investor questionnaire. Once filled out we can schedule a meeting to discuss your situation further and give you an in-depth outline of the EB-5 process, our regional center, and the current projects opportunities we have.

Click here to learn more about EB5 eligibilities.

Qualified investors such as yourself who invest through a regional center receive a conditional green card that’s valid for two years. Once the conditional green card is received you can enjoy the same benefits as other lawful permanent residents, such as traveling around the world without needing a Visa to return to the U.S. and discounts on college tuition.

For information on green cards click here. If you have other questions, feel free to contact Houston EB5.

Here you will fill out and file your I-829 application to remove your conditional status. At this point, the regional center (such as Houston EB5) is required to provide proof, on your behalf, that your investment created at least 10 jobs.

Once the conditions are removed at the end of the 24-month period, you and your immediate family members become permanent green card holders and can later apply to become U.S. citizens.

The EB-5 visa program is one of the most flexible paths to a green card available. You are no longer required to manage the business’ day-to-day operations, you can invest in an existing business or a new business, and you is not required to live in the region where the investment is made.

So if you invest in one our Houston EB5 projects and want to live elsewhere, you can!

Additionally, funds may come from any legal foreign or US source; including gifts, loans, and divorce settlements. Borrowed investment funds qualify if the assets of the target US business do not secure the loan.

What Happens If There’s an I-526 Denial?

I-526 Approvals for EB5

The EB5 immigration visa is popular among foreign nationals looking to relocate to the United States. But, stringent regulations and recent changes in the EB 5 program have increased the plight of many investors leading to I-526 denials. The I-526 petition (filed by the immigration attorneys) demonstrates that the investor has filed, and is in the process or has already invested the required amount of lawful capital in an acceptable EB-5 project. While most denials are due to insufficient evidence Read More

EB5 Process Walkthrough: Step by Step

eb5 process, eb-5 process

As an immigrant investor, there are generally 4 steps towards receiving your Green Card through the EB5 process and real estate investment opportunities. In order to become a permanent resident in the United States through the USCIS EB5 visa program, you must follow these steps outlined below. Taking the First Steps in the EB-5 Process Before diving into the EB-5 program, do your research. Look for more information online about how to obtain your green card, and think about your Read More

What Is the EB-5 Visa Process Like?

EB5 process, EB-5 process

Going through the EB-5 visa process can be an exciting time for many foreign investors. From application all the way through getting your Green Card, the EB-5 program offers a bright future, exceptional investment opportunities, and the pathway towards a Green Card. Read on to learn more about what to expect during the EB-5 visa process. Going Through the EB-5 Visa Process: What to Expect Each individual’s experience during the EB-5 program is their own and unique to that person. Read More